Saturday, June 18, 2016

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

   My discovery of this book was slightly unusual. As I've mentioned before, I clean at a local school. Part of my job is to clean a few of the classrooms. I found this book abandoned on one of the desks. I read the back of it, then read the first 20 some odd pages, the first half of which are just short messages back and forth between Graham and Ellie the two main characters. I went home and was on the verge of ordering it from my favorite bookstore, when I found that it was available at one of the libraries I frequent. I got it the next day, then read it within the next three days. Unfortunately, this book hasn't moved in the two weeks since I first picked it up.
   {I may or may not have written a note and left it in the book, because I saw it as a bucket list item on Pinterest.}
   The beginning of this book was a bit different than other books I've read. It started off as a set of emails between Graham and Ellie, and they were completely adorable! I loved how the emails sounded like an actual conversation between two teenagers (I've read some books where this was not the case, and I found it to be extremely annoying). 
   The writing was fantastic. The story was set in a small, seaside Maine town with quaint shops and dynamic characters. I could very easily "see" it all, and it was gorgeous. 
   The "break-up" in this was also very realistic. The girl had an issue with the guys life, and it was a mutual decision, which seemed very grown-up for characters this young. Luckily, the issue was resolved in the end. Ellie's secret also didn't scare Graham away, I am happy to say.
   There were only a few minor things that were "wrong" with this story. I didn't really like Ellie's best friend Quinn. She wasn't very supportive of Ellie, and I didn't really like her character overall. There were also a few grammatical errors, but they weren't big enough to distract from the story. Other than those two things, this story was very good.
   I can't wait to read this story again next year when it will count towards my Goodreads read count. I would highly recommend to anyone who like cute YA stories.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

89 Thoughts I Had While Watching "The Princess Diaries"

   I used to watch The Princess Diaries a lot as a kid. I loved the whole regular girl turned princess story line. The thing is, I haven't seen this movie in years. I mean, I remember the basic plot of the movie, but I forgot some of the finer details. So I watched it again recently, and these are a few thoughts I had while watching it.
   1. I miss the old Disney castle!
   2. That was perfect timing for the scooter meet up. Guess that's a testament to a good friendship.
   3. A guy sits on her! No one's that invisible.
   4. Remind me to never ride in San Francisco on a scooter.
   5. Did Mr. O'Connel and Mia's mom start dating before the parent teacher conference or after?
   6. What if Mia didn't go have tea? Would the Queen have tracked her down anyways?
   7. GET OFF THE GRASS! I swear, this is one of the best parts of the movie.
   8. What's an attache core?
   9. Young? Clean? What kind of compliments are these?!?!
   10. Her hair's too puffy to put on a necklace?
   11. What was in the tea to make it necessary to bang the spoon so much? An excessive amount of sugar?
   12. They couldn't have told her this earlier? I get the whole wanting her to have a normal life, but they could have just told her and not revealed it to the whole entire world.
   13. How long has her dad been dead?
   14. If she's good at being invisible, why does she complain about it? That's a superpower I wish I had!
   15. How did they get her hair so frizzy?
   16. Wait until she was 18? I don't think that would have gone over any better either.
   17. What did her dad die of? He wasn't very old, so I'm assuming it was some sort of disease. He wasn't king yet, so it couldn't have been an assassination.
   18. How did this not come out earlier? There had to have been some nosy people in Genovia who followed the prince around and discovered the secret princess.
   19. I can twitch my nose like that too!
   20. I want to see in her tower.
   21. Who had control of Genovia before their independence? Nevermind. It was probably Britain.
   22. I would totally play with the buttons in the limo as well.
   23. "If this were a herse, there would be silence in the backseat." It cracks me up every time!
   24. Where did they get the matching scooters?
   25. Hey! One of my questions was answered. {Her dad had been dead for two months.}
   26. What's up with the M&M's on the keyboard?
   27. Car goals
   28. How hard did she press her hand against the statue? The arm of it even moved.
   29. I didn't get the "Well, carriage, obviously," until I looked up the word. I still don't really understand though.
   30. " we don't slump like this."
   31. I don't think those facial expressions are becoming of a princess.
   32. Ah! Mia's mom dating Mr. O'Connel is a new development. Another question answered!
   33. "Just block one, Mia. Just block one!" She blocked a few. Plus, how can you be expected to block one ball when ten are coming at you!?!?
   34. I really do need this soundtrack. I like the song that plays while she's in the back of the limo trying to put on pantyhose.
   35. She's tied to a chair now...
   36. "Now tell me, what kind of dancing do you do?" I don't think there was anything "normal" about that.
   37. Waltz + Tango = Wango
   38. "You've been wearing black too long." Dude, I'm beginning to think that that's the only dress she has.
   39. She lost a shoe, and the voices still yell at her!
   40. Paolo's reaction to meeting Mia is hilarious.
   41. He can't take off his own rings?
   42. "You broke my glasses!" [Mia] "You broke my brush." Pretty sure that's not a fair trade.
   43. LOVE the shoes!
   44. She looks like she's going to sneeze in both of the before pictures.
   45. Lilly's reaction to Mia's makeover is priceless. And mean.
   46. "Was my review mirror fogging up or was someone tearing back there?"
   47. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I have always loved this quote, but I could never remember where I first heard it. Now I know.
   48. Are Lilly and Michael twins or are they just close in age?
   49. She's not wearing black three shots in a row!
   50. Joe putting the "car" in park during princess lessons is hysterical. I hope this guy gets paid enough.
   51. I want to do the paint balloon thing! It's definitely on my bucket list.
   52. So are Paolo and Joe Italian? Or is Italian a major language spoken in Genovia? (I'm assuming what they were speaking was Italian...)
   53. Cause giving away a princess' address on TV isn't dangerous or anything.
   54. The dude who looks like Carl from Up sure feel asleep quickly.
   55. First, she set a guy's arm on fire. ("clumsy moment") Second, she acts like a monkey when she takes a big bite of ice cream. Third, she breaks a glass. Fourth, she trips a guy which causes a chain reaction. Unfortunately, I feel if I was ever in the same situation, it would probably be worse. {I'd hide under the table too!}
   56. Just got the "may you always be barren" line.
   57. The photo booth pics were so cute!
   58. The nun's reaction when she was put on hold.
   59. Order of the Rose
   60. Why are they "oohing"? They've never heard of it either!
   61. "Chivalry ain't dead ya know." Especially in the presence of a queen.
   62. "I hate phony publicity seekers." Sure you do.
   63. "...Backstreet Boy clone" Well, now that you mention it, Josh kinda does look like one.
   64. Reason number one you don't discuss foot poppin' kisses with your mom: she's sure to make fun of it.
   65. She somehow forgot to tell her best friend of who knows how long that the guy she's majorly crushing on finally asked her out? That's a bit of a stretch for me.
   66. Why would she give you a foot massage? For real though!
   67. Joe's got to be very confident in his job to voice his opinion so freely.
   68. Foot-poppin' hug
   69. "Oh, come on girls! It's a ball not a snake!"
   70. How could he have heard her say come in over the obnoxious ringing?
   71. Dude! She's trying to make up for turning you down! Give her a break!
   72. Ice cream vs. cheer uniform
   73. That diary is so stinkin' cool! I want one.
   74. Do all cats lie on random objects, because this sure seems to be my experience.
   75. I want that whole letter printed and framed. It's gorgeous!
   76. Genovia has an official pear juggler?!?! I wonder how much that pays.
   77. A cat that doesn't mind being in a cat carrier. I wonder how much training that took. (Our cats freak at the site of one.)
   78. "Maybe it's string cheese?" How did the cleaning crew not notice that?
   79. You dare try lying to the queen! 'Cause she's not falling for it!
   80. Princess-ship ~ is this a legit word? Spell check seems to think so.
   81. That is some horn the limo has.
   82. Mia's riding in the front seat! Isn't that against protocol or something?
   83. "Why didn't we dress like her? We look like idiots!"
   84. Her speech made me slightly teary-eyed.
   85. They had the tiara ready, but not the robe? I noticed a lady in the background running down the stairs with the robe.
   86. Her dress is amazingly breathtaking. And it kind of looks like a wedding dress.
   87. Where did Michael learn how to dance? I feel like there's a good story behind that.
   88. That kiss was the most magical princess moment of my childhood.
   89. Speaking of the kiss, how many times did they have to shoot the it? She'd have to be in the exact same spot every time.