Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Let's Talk About Jess {and Those Other Boyfriends of Rory's}

   I've been meaning to write this post about my favorite guy that Rory Gilmore has dated, but I kept putting it off. I figured since the revival is premiering in three {!!!!!!!} days, I should probably get my two cents in before we find out who Rory chooses. I will warn you, if you haven't watched the entirety of the seven seasons by now, this post contains some spoilers {and you don't have much more time before the inter webs blow up with reactions to the final four episodes}.

   I will admit, I loved Dean in the beginning. He was sweet, attentive, tall, handsome, and an all around great guy. He tried his hardest to get along with Lorelai, because he knew how important she was to Rory. He went to Rory's school dance, even though that wasn't his scene. He even built her a car! He seemed like the perfect first boyfriend. But at some point, the charm wore off. He became possessive and demanding. He freaked out when Rory wasn't ready to say "I love you" back. He was extremely jealous of Jess, although, he had a great reason. But still. He went on to marry Lindsay, but we all know that backfired. I honestly believe he never would have left Lindsay if she hadn't found out, because he would have felt guilty and tried to work it out. I am curious to see how his life turned out, but I sincerely hope that he's rarely a part of Rory's life.
   Ah, Jess. Jess was the quintessential bad boy with a twist: he was incredibly smart and loved to read. He may not have been Rory's healthiest relationship {he did crash her car and injure her}, but I think he helped Rory discover a part of herself she may not have noticed if she hadn't dated him. He left things on bad terms, but when Rory reconnected with him later on, he was doing really well. He had a job he loved publishing books, and he had written one of his own. He even paid Luke back a little bit for helping him out. Jess may have started out as a bad boy, but he grew into a responsible man who knew what he wanted out of life, and he went after it.

I think Logan is my least favorite of all the guys Rory dated. He was your typical spoiled rich kid who didn't care who he hurt by the various stunts he did while in the Life and Death Brigade. He had his sweet moments, but that didn't compensated for all of the crappy things he did. {Although, "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" is one of my favorite episodes.} He interrupted one of Rory's classes, which embarrassed her to no end. He didn't have any problem with Rory giving up her dreams by quitting Yale for that awful period of her life. He was extremely rude to Jess when they met. He got along very well with her father, who was also an irresponsible flake, aka not a good sign. He also lead Rory along before he finally asked her out, and he pretended he didn't know what he was doing. I honestly think the only reason Logan proposed in those fateful final episodes of the seventh season was because he knew that Rory was too good for him and getting her to marry him was the only way to keep her. I will honestly be surprised if Logan ever grew up.

   Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

   Now, let's talk about the reason we are all here, the revival. Yes, it premieres in three days, and yes, I do plan on watching it when I get home from work at aproximately 2:45 am Friday morning. I love the teaser trailers and the official trailers that have been released.
   I have many questions/observations from these short glimses.

  • I do have one burning question: why is Kirk at family dinner with Emily? 
  • It does look like the Dragonfly Inn is still going strong. 
  • Luke and Lorelai are still together!!!! 
  • Rory was having a face-to-face conversation with Jess! 
  • Town meetings still look histarically entertaining. 
  • Rory was visiting Chilton. Maybe she'll teach journalism there?!?! 
  • Is there a pool in Stars Hallow? I don't remember there being a pool.
  • Will we get to see Rory's half sister? Rory was entertaining kids {which made me wonder about Gigi}. I would die if the kids they showed are Lorelai's and Luke's!
  • "I believe in a former life I was coffee!" (quote from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Trailer #2) 
  • What's up with Rory? She seems restless and uncertain. And lacking underwear.
  • I'm so sad that Ed Herrmann passed away before this happened. :'(
   I can't wait till Friday!

   Here's a link to a video from an interview where Amy (the writer/creator of the show) talks about re-doing the set for the revival. http://www.ew.com/article/2016/11/22/gilmore-girls-amy-sherman-palladino-tragedy

   P.S. I looked at imdb's site to see who all is casted in the new series. THIS MAY BE CONSIDERED SPOILERS! Logan is set to be in all four episodes. :(  Jess is in three, and Dean is in one episode. Tristan, April, Sookie, and Mrs. Kim are all in one episode. There are also a bunch of new names listed too!

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